Sonnet Carapace Keyboard cover for MacBook & MacBook Air & Unibody MacBook Pro (Clear)


RRP Price (inc gst): $45.00

Part #: KP-MB

Warranty:  1  Year

Clearly Protected
The freedom of notebook mobility offers many advantages—and many perils in a world full of dust, dirt, spills, and cookie crumbs. Sonnet’s high-quality silicone keyboard covers protect your MacBook® Pro, PowerBook® G4 (Aluminum), or MacBook keyboard with a thin, clear, durable silicone skin—perfectly fitted to allow easy touch-typing for any sort of environment.

Carapace™ offers protection in the form of a thin, clear, durable silicone skin that perfectly encloses each key and covers the spaces between to safeguard the keyboard from dust, crumbs, spills, and everyday mishaps.

With Carapace in place, typing speed and accuracy are unaffected—its thin and flexible construction provides a clear view of the keys and dampens the sound of keystrokes.

Carapace stands up to heavy use and is easy to maintain—stains and dirt wash away.

Ease of Use
Carapace is easy to use—lay it across your computer’s clean keys and start typing. The Carapace is formed to fit your keyboard and lifts off easily for cleaning.

  • 100% durable silicone material, soft feel, and washable
  • Custom-molded for supported notebooks with individual function keys
  • Thin and flexible construction with anti-static coating; allows normal typing
  • Works with 78-key and 79-key keyboards
  • Mac Compatibility
    MacBook, MacBook (13″ aluminum), MacBook Pro (current Unibody models)], MacBook Air, and MacBook Air (11″ and 13″)