One Hundred Thousand Invoices

On the morning of March 7th 2014 we hit a milestone at MacSense. We don’t often pause to think about the past in this fast paced world of technology. But today we just printed and shipped our 100,000th invoice. Wow – that’s a lot of invoices, reams of paper and courier tickets ! MacSense was started in August 1999 so it’s taken us 14 years & 7 months to generate those ... »

Mac Power User Podcast host reviews the Drobo 5N

Drobo sent both Mac Power User hosts (David Sparks and Katie Floyd) Drobo 5N’s. Katie has posted a nice blog article on her experiences with it: First Look: Drobo 5N For the last week, I’ve been playing with a Drobo 5N. For full disclosure, Drobo is a sponsor of MPU and sent me the 5N so I could test it and talk about my experiences on the show. The 5N replaces a previous Drobo FS on m... »

How tough is a Griffin Survivor case ?

We sell so many Griffin Survivor cases to so many different types of customers. We know they are great for protecting your devices but take a look at this clip to see how the boys at Griffin test them so you don’t have to. »

People always want us to “Test it with your iPhone”

So we did ! Here is Bruce’s every day – always in use – iPhone… submerged in water. If you want to do the same to your iPhone 5 you’re need one of these. Griffin Survivor + WaterProof for iPhone 5 »

New website live !

You will now be viewing our new website. Welcome! We hope you find this new website easy to navigate and nice and responsive. Reseller access opens up the wholesale side of this website allowing registered users to see our stock on hand, download pricelists and place orders online. We have moved to an entirely different content management system so many logins and passwords have been reset. If you... »

RAM Pricing Update

The new 28th June 2013 RAM pricelist is available from the “Reseller Area” section of this website. »

Another RAM Pricing Update

The new 19th March 2013 RAM pricelist is available from the “Reseller Area” section of this website. »

RAM Pricing Update

The new 8th March 2013 RAM pricelist is available from the “Reseller Area” section of this website. »

Griffin Harness Kit for iPad

The gear you need when your iPad is your most important tool. The Harness Kit combines protection and carrying in a versatile case solution that keeps your iPad close at hand. The Harness Kit mounts onto your iPad quickly and easily with reinforced corner bands. On its back, it gives you an X arrangement of two one-and-a-half-inch-wide elastic webbing hand straps. Slip either hand inside the X and... »

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